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About me

Hello! You're probably wondering who I am, well I am Nikka. I was born in August of 1996
I enjoy pizza or mac & cheese the most and I enjoy quite a bit of bands
for example my favorite band of all time is Alice in Chains, even though I prefer their songs from the 90's
(Jar of Flies is my absolute favorite album of theirs, it's just so great)
I also enjoy drawing, though it's mostly digital and sometimes traditional
(If you want to see my art, I recommend checking the links section of the website!)
I can also enjoy playing Crash and Spyro games, my taste in other games can be scarce but I like some other games like
Ore no Ryouri, Ape Escape, Super Smash Bros, WarioWare, Etc (There's other games, but this is just a select few)
Nothing much else to know about me, except that I'm a female, I stream games on Twitch at times, I chill out and enjoy life
(Link would be in the 'links' section of the site if you want to check the channel out!)
Last thing I want to bring up here that I forgot is that I personally enjoy cartoons
this includes some of
Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?, Catdog, Pinky & The Brain, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, Time Squad, Beavis and Butthead, Etc